Top 3 Highest Rated Sony 4K TVs


As one of the largest global manufacturers of TVs you’d expect Sony to be leading the way when it comes to their 4K sets – and the good news is that there’s some excellent choices out there. 4K may still be finding it’s way into the nation’s lounge but you can be sure that these are without question the future of TV. Across the range 4K offers a display that would have been unimaginable a few years ago, and not just for program or streaming services either. As manufacturers of the Playstation 4 Sony have put a lot of effort into making their flagship console compatible to this level – with results and promises that the future of home gaming is very bright indeed.

Here we’re going to look at three of the best buys that Sony have manufactured – and not just by the three most expensive. We’re going to review the Sony KD-75X9405C – possibly the all round best 4K TV currently available, the affordable yet feature packed Sony KD-65S8505C, and finally the great value Sony XBR49X830C 4K Ultra HD with Android TV too.

The Sony KD-75X9405C

Seizing up at a jawdropping 75″ this cutting edge Triluminos TV is a genuine titan that makes a fantastic focal point for any home entertainment complex. If you can afford it you’ll hopefully have the space for it! It’s not just the screen and picture quality – at such a size that makes this TV stand out so boldly, it also sounds amazing thanks to having no less than six speakers built into it’s rear.

The image quality is supported by an outstanding auto-picture component that whole package into genuine home-cinema levels of quality, and is probably the best display of streamed and online content currently on the market. It’s still early days for this technology to make the transition to 4K fully but it’ll be the next big thing for sure – so why wait for the future when you could have it today?

Obviously being huge it takes up a great deal of space, and if anything this TV can actually seem a little imposing – but it’s the best out there in the current Sony range by a mile.


The Sony KD-65S8505C

On an altogether more manageable scale and at about a third of the price, this TV is still huge at 65″ but much slimmer and with a soft curve that beautifully enhances the viewers immersion into their program. Again using Android to mixed degrees of success, this TV stands out primarily for having excellent picture quality powered by an LCD screen – it handles colors with vibrancy and panache (apart from not quite ever seeming dark enough for pure black).

This makes for an excellent family TV rather overall, a great all rounder that handles everything with great confidence. The sound is also superb and the set comes complete with built-in FreeView HD too.

The Sony X830C 4K

This is a sign of the times that 4K is in the ascendancy – an $800 set that offers uncompromising video, and excellent audio – provided you have a location suitable for it. If the room is too dark or too light it can struggle to make 4K the viewing pleasure it should be, but be aware that for the price this TV is packed with overall quality too.

A 43″ inch screen means that it will fit into most family living rooms and the screen is packed by EDGE LED technology. The options menu is extensive and any issues with the screen reflection can usually be remedied by taking a sift through these.

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