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Illinois LyricsSong:


Illinois Lyrics
Album SouvenirsAlbum:

Souvenirs" by Dan Fogelberg

Album Souvenirs

Song Text:

Dusty day dawning
Three hours late
Open the curtains
And let the rest wait.
My mind goes running
Three thousand miles east
I may miss the harvest
But I won't miss the feast.

And it looks like you're gonna
Have to see me again
And it looks like you're gonna
Have to see me again
And it looks like you're gonna
Have to see me again.
Illinois...oh, Illinois.

South California
Your sun is too cold
It looks like your hills
Have been raped of their gold.
I should have come out
When I was first told
This lamb has got to
Return to the fold.

Illinois-I'm your boy.

Flat on the prairies
Soil and stone
Stretching forever
Taking me home
'Cause I've got a woman
Who waits for me there
And I need a breath of that
Sweet country air.

Illinois-I'm your boy.

song Illinois from album Souvenirssong "Illinois" from album "Souvenirs"song Illinois from album Souvenirs
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Dan Fogelberg - Souvenirs
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