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Let The Party Begin LyricsSong:

Let The Party Begin

Let The Party Begin Lyrics
Album Other SongsAlbum:

Other Songs" by DJ Bobo

Album Other Songs

Song Text:

Let the party begin
Come on let's sing this song

The day is over, it's party time
Forget your problems and drink a glas of wine
The celebration is happening tonight
Just feel the rhythm, till the morning light

Let's have fun all night long
I know you got the key
All together we're strong
A feeling wild and free
Let's have fun all night long
I know you got the key
Take my hand and come with me to wonderland

Let the party begin
We're dancing tonight
We're ready to go
And the feeling is right
Let the party begin
The music goes on
Come on let's sing this song

Let me say say say
It's summer holiday
We will sing together all night long
Let me say say say
Its summer holiday
Come on everybody sing this song

So let the music move your feet
Express your feelings, here's the magic beat
Come join the party, friends are everywhere
Ride on the rhythm, music's in the air

There's music in the air
Just feel it everywhere
This is the way to reach our soul
The rhythm takes control

song Let The Party Begin from album Other Songssong "Let The Party Begin" from album "Other Songs"song Let The Party Begin from album Other Songs
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