The Art Of Shredding lyrics
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The Art Of Shredding LyricsSong:

The Art Of Shredding

The Art Of Shredding Lyrics
Album Cowboys From HellAlbum:

Cowboys From Hell" by Pantera

Album Cowboys From Hell

Song Text:

Unity is a rare thing
Blind eyes of society bring
The category of minority
Now what are we supposed to be?
Born free to be
Powerless to change the world
With our lives in the hands of madmen

Now in times when society needs us
This is where the sin begins
We're aware they're going to free us
Rage from our hearts within
Born of this world
Which is a living hell
But we'll be closer to heaven

So now, this is the art
To shred... its only emotion

song The Art Of Shredding from album Cowboys From Hellsong "The Art Of Shredding" from album "Cowboys From Hell"song The Art Of Shredding from album Cowboys From Hell
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Cowboys From Hell
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