White Poem I lyrics
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White Poem I LyricsSong:

White Poem I

White Poem I Lyrics
Album DahliaAlbum:

Dahlia" by X-Japan

Album Dahlia

Song Text:

Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why the wind is so cold
Take my heart inside your love

Tell me why
Tell me why
Tell me why I feel so blue
Tell me why
Tell me why I love you

My love for you would break my heart
No No No
No way to change my heart
I still wanna be in the endless blue verse

I feel so blue in this white poem
Love will find the way
This is the line you used to love
Do you still believe that?
While I'm away, read this line again

song White Poem I from album Dahliasong "White Poem I" from album "Dahlia"song White Poem I from album Dahlia
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X-Japan - Dahlia
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